Who We Are

Upper Peninsula Surgery Center is dedicated to providing high quality outpatient surgical care (same-day) in a convenient and comfortable setting right in the heart of Marquette, MI. Our patients and their families are treated with the highest quality of care and maintain an enduring commitment to excellence. This provides our patients with the convenience and comfort of recovering at home and may cost less.

We are a multi-specialty facility. All of our physicians are board certified with significant experience and training in their respective specialties.

Our brand-new state-of-the-art facility features technologically advanced medical equipment. We are dedicated to providing our patients with the absolute best that medicine and experience has to offer. We have set a higher level of excellence in healthcare.


Here are a few of the many benefits of having your procedure performed at our Upper Peninsula Surgery Center:


Each patient is valued and treated like a human being. You Matter To Us! With our top-notch physicians, outpatient surgery is increasingly possible due to advances in sedation, pain management, and surgical techniques. Our care for you does not stop at the door.


Turnaround time between surgeries means less waiting time for you. From on-sight parking to advanced registration, patients enjoy the comfort and efficiency of a smaller environment. Additionally, the elevator is just down the hallway for easy access.


You were in mind when this Center was created. We strive for safety, excellence, and comfort. In general, most patients will return home between one to four hours after outpatient surgery.


Your scheduled surgery is not likely to be bumped or delayed by emergencies.

You have a choice on where your surgeries can take place. Let your physician know your preference.


“This was the best hospital/clinic visit I ever had. Do not take this lightly as my medical file is the size of an encyclopedia. You can tell that there is a great comrade between Dr. Taylor and all of the staff that works alongside of him. There are no attitudes, hang ups, or any sense of superiority between any staff. Your facility should be a model. In short, the way the staff handles themselves insures the most confidence a patient can have. I genuinely felt the sincerity from all the staff, and the respect that I was given."