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Upper Peninsula Surgery Center's interventional pain management team provides a multi-disciplinary approach and minimally-invasive techniques. This means your patients can get back to their lives thanks to a customized, diagnosis-centered approach to pain management. 

Why choose Upper Peninsula Surgery Center for Interventional Pain Management?

  • Accessibility: Many pain clinics have long wait times before a patient can be seen. Our goal is to have new patients scheduled rapidly after they are referred to us. 
  • Expertise: Our pain management provider is an expert in his field, Peter Skellenger, MS, CRNA, NSPM-C, Fellowship Trained and board certified in non-surgical pain management. 
  • Relief: Patients trying to manage chronic pain without the various treatments we can provide often left with opioids or narcotics as their only viable options, We provide relief using non-opioid, non-narcotic methods.  

We treat many kinds of pain, including:

  • Back & neck pain, including sciatica & work injuries
  • Persistent back or neck pain
  • Arthritis pain in the neck or lower back
  • Headaches
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
  • Nerve damage or muscle spasm pain
  • Shingles pain

For More Information

Physician Referrals

Physician Offices can refer patients to the Upper Peninsula Surgery Center for Excellence in Pain Management by faxing the following information:  

  • Patient Referral Form
  • Patient's history and physical with any previous imaging (plain films, CT and/or MRI)

Contact Information:

  • Phone Number: (906) 273-2223
  • Fax Number: (906) 273-2228

We look forward to the opportunity to care for your patients.


All patients who are referred to the Upper Peninsula Surgery Center must have the following information and labs completed before coming:

  • Patient's physician must complete in full the referral form, history and physical, and any additional films, CT, or MRIs.
  • Patient must have a negative COVID test done 7 to 5 days prior to their scheduled procedure date.

All additional inquiries:

  • Phone Number: (906) 273-2223
  • Email: upperpeninsulasurgerycenter.com


Thank you for your interest.