What kind of bills and statements can I expect from my visit to the Upper Peninsula Surgery Center?

After your surgery, you will receive a statement called an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance company. It will itemize the fees charged and indicate the allowable amount covered by your insurance company. After receiving the EOB, you will receive bills from the Upper Peninsula Surgery Center, your surgeon, and your anesthesiologist for your rendered care.


When you receive the bill from the Upper Peninsula Surgery Center, we strongly recommend that you call Surgery Center Management Services of Arizona at (480) 771-3943. Our billing staff will help you to understand your billing statement and will clearly explain how these costs are derived. We realize medical billing and insurance statements can be difficult to understand and can be very intimidating. Our billing department will review with you the charges and reimbursements. Most importantly, we will assist in maximizing your insurance company payment to you for your healthcare costs.

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